map_t Union Reference

The memory map. More...

#include <PHiLIP_typedef.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   uint8_t   user_reg [256]
   sys_t   sys
   i2c_t   i2c
   spi_t   spi
   uart_t   uart
   rtc_t   rtc
   adc_t   adc
   pwm_t   pwm
   dac_t   dac
   tmr_t   tmr
   gpio_t   gpio [3]
   trace_t   trace
   uint8_t   res [468]
uint8_t data8 [2048]

Detailed Description

The memory map.

Field Documentation

adc_t map_t::adc

ADC configuration

dac_t map_t::dac

DAC configuration

uint8_t map_t::data8[2048]

array for padding

gpio_t map_t::gpio[3]

GPIO pins available

i2c_t map_t::i2c

I2C configuration

pwm_t map_t::pwm

PWM configuration

uint8_t map_t::res[468]

Reserved bytes

rtc_t map_t::rtc

RTC configuration

spi_t map_t::spi

SPI configuration

sys_t map_t::sys

System configuration (protected)

tmr_t map_t::tmr

TMR configuration

trace_t map_t::trace

Saved timestamps and events

uint8_t map_t::user_reg[256]

Writable registers for user testing

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