PHiLIP Documentation


PHiLIP is qualified open-source firmware for nucleo-f103rb or bluepill boards used for testing peripherals of other embedded devices. PHiLIP is a low-cost solution to allow detailed, corner case peripheral testing for both developers and CI systems. PHiLIP is aimed at getting salient information that would be gathered from an oscilloscope or logic analyzer as well as injecting specific peripheral behaviors. PHiLIP is designed for testing peripheral APIs for embedded operating systems and hardware abstraction layers but was built with an architecture that allows for easy extensions to other applications such as product qualification or simulation. PHiLIP can be used with a raw serial connection but also comes with a python interface that simplifies writing test scripts as well as a shell for developers to run manual tests.


PHiLIP firmware is designed to easily add peripheral functionality. It separates out the peripherals from the communication and application logic and the memory map.