trace_t Union Reference

Saved timestamps and events. More...

#include <PHiLIP_typedef.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   uint32_t   index
   uint8_t   tick_div [128]
   uint8_t   source [128]
   uint16_t   value [128]
   uint32_t   tick [128]
uint8_t data8 [1028]

Detailed Description

Saved timestamps and events.

Field Documentation

uint8_t trace_t::data8[1028]

array for padding

uint32_t trace_t::index

Index of the current trace

uint8_t trace_t::source[128]

The event source of the event - 0:no source selected - 1:DEBUG0 pin - 2:DEBUG1 pin - 3:DEBUG2 pin - 4:DUT_IC

uint32_t trace_t::tick[128]

The tick when the event occurred

uint8_t trace_t::tick_div[128]

The tick divisor of the event - max should be 16 for interface

uint16_t trace_t::value[128]

The value of the event - 0:falling edge interrupt - 1:rising edge interrupt

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