i2c_t Union Reference

System settings for the device. More...

#include <PHiLIP_typedef.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   i2c_mode_t   mode
   i2c_status_t   status
   basic_gpio_t   dut_sda
   basic_gpio_t   dut_scl
   uint16_t   clk_stretch_delay
   uint16_t   slave_addr_1
   uint16_t   slave_addr_2
   uint16_t   state
   uint16_t   reg_index
   uint16_t   start_reg_index
   uint8_t   r_count
   uint8_t   w_count
   uint32_t   r_ticks
   uint32_t   w_ticks
   uint32_t   s_ticks
   uint32_t   f_r_ticks
   uint32_t   f_w_ticks
   uint8_t   res [26]
uint8_t data8 [64]

Detailed Description

System settings for the device.

Field Documentation

uint16_t i2c_t::clk_stretch_delay

Clock stretch the first byte in us

uint8_t i2c_t::data8[64]

array for padding

uint32_t i2c_t::f_r_ticks

Ticks for full read frame after the address is acked

uint32_t i2c_t::f_w_ticks

Ticks for full write frame

i2c_mode_t i2c_t::mode

Specific modes for I2C

uint8_t i2c_t::r_count

Last read frame byte count

uint32_t i2c_t::r_ticks

Ticks for read byte - only in reg if_type 0

uint16_t i2c_t::reg_index

Current index of reg pointer

uint8_t i2c_t::res[26]

Reserved bytes

uint32_t i2c_t::s_ticks

Holder when the start occurred

uint16_t i2c_t::slave_addr_1

Primary slave address

uint16_t i2c_t::slave_addr_2

Secondary slave address

uint16_t i2c_t::start_reg_index

Start index of reg pointer

uint16_t i2c_t::state

Current state of the spi bus - 0:initialized - 1:NSS pin just lowered - 2:writing to reg - 3:reading reg - 4:transferring data - 5:NSS up and finished

i2c_status_t i2c_t::status

Specific status for I2C

uint8_t i2c_t::w_count

Last write frame byte count - only in reg if_type 0

uint32_t i2c_t::w_ticks

Ticks for write byte

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