sys_t Union Reference

System settings for PHiLIP. More...

#include <PHiLIP_typedef.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   uint8_t   sn [12]
   uint8_t   fw_rev [4]
   uint8_t   if_rev [4]
   uint64_t   tick
   timestamp_t   build_time
   uint32_t   device_num
   uint32_t   sys_clk
   sys_status_t   status
   sys_mode_t   mode
   uint8_t   res [18]
uint8_t data8 [64]

Detailed Description

System settings for PHiLIP.

Field Documentation

timestamp_t sys_t::build_time

time of build

uint8_t sys_t::data8[64]

array for padding

uint32_t sys_t::device_num

The philip device designator - A constant number to identify philip firmware

uint8_t sys_t::fw_rev[4]

Firmware revision

uint8_t sys_t::if_rev[4]

Interface revision - This correlates to the version of the memory map

sys_mode_t sys_t::mode

Control register for device

uint8_t sys_t::res[18]

Reserved bytes

uint8_t sys_t::sn[12]

Unique ID of the device

sys_status_t sys_t::status

Status of system

uint32_t sys_t::sys_clk

The frequency of the system clock in Hz

uint64_t sys_t::tick

Tick in ms - Updates with the sys tick register every few ms

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