adc_t Union Reference

Controls and reads the ADC. More...

#include <PHiLIP_typedef.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   adc_mode_t   mode
   basic_gpio_t   dut_adc
   uint32_t   num_of_samples
   uint32_t   index
   uint16_t   sample
   uint32_t   sum
   uint32_t   current_sum
   uint8_t   counter
   uint8_t   res [11]
uint8_t data8 [32]

Detailed Description

Controls and reads the ADC.

Field Documentation

uint8_t adc_t::counter

Sum counter increases when available

uint32_t adc_t::current_sum

Current collection of the sums

uint8_t adc_t::data8[32]

array for padding

uint32_t adc_t::index

Sample index increases when new sample read

adc_mode_t adc_t::mode

Mode settings for the ADC

uint32_t adc_t::num_of_samples

Number of sample in the sum

uint8_t adc_t::res[11]

Reserved bytes

uint16_t adc_t::sample

Current 12 bit sample value

uint32_t adc_t::sum

Sum of the last num_of_samples

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