i2c_status_t Struct Reference

I2C status. More...

#include <PHiLIP_typedef.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t ovr: 1
uint8_t af: 1
uint8_t berr: 1
uint8_t gencall: 1
uint8_t busy: 1
uint8_t rsr: 1
uint8_t res: 2

Detailed Description

I2C status.

Field Documentation

uint8_t i2c_status_t::af

Acknowledge failure

uint8_t i2c_status_t::berr

Bus error: Non-valid position during a byte transfer

uint8_t i2c_status_t::busy

i2c bus is BUSY

uint8_t i2c_status_t::gencall

General call address received

uint8_t i2c_status_t::ovr

Overrun/Underrun: Request for new byte when not ready

uint8_t i2c_status_t::res

Reserved bits

uint8_t i2c_status_t::rsr

Repeated start detected

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