uart_dev_t Struct Reference

The parameters for uart control. More...

Data Fields

UART_HandleTypeDef huart
HAL_StatusTypeDef(* tx_data_fxn )(UART_HandleTypeDef *, uint8_t *, uint16_t)
 Function pointer to the tx (either DMA or INT)
char * str
uint32_t buf_size
uint8_t mask_msb
uart_mode_t mode
uint8_t access

Detailed Description

The parameters for uart control.

Field Documentation

uint8_t uart_dev_t::access

Access level of uart

uint32_t uart_dev_t::buf_size

String buffer size

UART_HandleTypeDef uart_dev_t::huart

Handle for the uart device

uint8_t uart_dev_t::mask_msb

Used for masking bits

uart_mode_t uart_dev_t::mode

Mode of uart

char* uart_dev_t::str

String buffer

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