tmr_dev_t Struct Reference

The parameters for tmr control. More...

Data Fields

TIM_HandleTypeDef htmr
DMA_HandleTypeDef htmr_dma
TIM_IC_InitTypeDef ctmr_ic
uint32_t of_tick
uint16_t buf [256]
uint8_t int_index
uint8_t poll_index
uint16_t initial_level
tmr_mode_t mode

Detailed Description

The parameters for tmr control.

Field Documentation

uint16_t tmr_dev_t::buf[256]

Buffer for DMA or interrupt ticks

TIM_IC_InitTypeDef tmr_dev_t::ctmr_ic

Initialization for timer

TIM_HandleTypeDef tmr_dev_t::htmr

Handle for the tmr device

DMA_HandleTypeDef tmr_dev_t::htmr_dma

Handle for the tmr dma

uint16_t tmr_dev_t::initial_level

When measuing both edges this is the initial value

uint8_t tmr_dev_t::int_index

Interrupt buffer index

tmr_mode_t tmr_dev_t::mode

Internal timer mode settings

uint32_t tmr_dev_t::of_tick

The overflow tick counter

uint8_t tmr_dev_t::poll_index

Buffer index when polling

tmr_t* tmr_dev_t::reg

Timer related registers

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