gpio_mode_t Struct Reference

IO pin mode control. More...

#include <PHiLIP_typedef.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t init: 1
uint16_t io_type: 2
uint16_t level: 1
uint16_t pull: 2
uint16_t tick_div: 5
uint16_t res: 5

Detailed Description

IO pin mode control.

Field Documentation

uint16_t gpio_mode_t::init

0:periph will initialize on execute - 1:periph initialized

uint16_t gpio_mode_t::io_type

0:high impedance input - 1:push pull output - 2:open drain output - 3:interrupts and saves event

uint16_t gpio_mode_t::level

If output sets gpio level - 0:low - 1:high

uint16_t gpio_mode_t::pull

pull of the resistor - 0:none - 1:pullup - 2:pulldown

uint16_t gpio_mode_t::res

Reserved bits

uint16_t gpio_mode_t::tick_div

for trace tick divisor - max should be 16 for interface

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