Src Directory Reference


file  adc.c
 Controls the adc peripheral.
file  app_common.c
 For common application functions.
file  app_reg.c
 Accessing application registers.
file  app_shell_if.c
 Protocol for application communication.
file  gpio.c
 GPIO management.
file  i2c.c
 Controls the i2c peripheral.
file  led_flash.c
 Flashes the LED, the most important thing in embedded.
file  main.c
 Main function that initializes and controls super loop and polling based functions.
file  map_if.c
 Handles memory map specific interface functions.
file  pwm_dac.c
 Controls the pwm and dac peripheral.
file  rtc.c
 Controls the rtc peripheral.
file  spi.c
 Controls the spi peripheral.
file  stm32f1xx_it.c
 Handles all the system interrupts.
file  sys.c
 System control and management.
file  system_stm32f1xx.c
 CMSIS Cortex-M3 Device Peripheral Access Layer System Source File.
file  tmr.c
 Controls the timer peripheral.
file  trace.c
 Used for logging traces.
file  uart.c
 Controls the uart peripherals.
file  wdt.c
 Handles watchdog timer periph.